South Sutter Charter School comprises the co-location of a new student resource center on an existing public school site in Yuba County. Studio W developed the master plan to include: situating the building(s), parking and delivery access on a site with a 6-foot high flood plain. Studio W explored many variations to the building to meet the flood requirements, including a flood-proof under-story, but settled upon a landscape berm for cost efficiency. The 5,584 SF facility serves as a library and resource material “check out” center, as well as a home for staff and development classroom space to serve home-school students in the charter school’s Northern California region. The facility also operates full-time delivery and storage, as well as parking for the school’s mobile science trailer.


South Sutter Charter School


5,584 SF


$4.3 million


Completed 2020


Learning Resource Center Complete at South Sutter Charter School

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