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Sacramento, CA—We’re pleased to introduce Ramon Robles, Project Designer at our Sacramento Studio, as this month’s Studio W Spotlight team member. Ramon has spent the last six years in the industry perfecting his craft on a wide-range of projects, including educational, mixed-use, multi- and single-family residential, hospitality, commercial and historic restoration facilities. He is passionate about supporting community enrichment and creating a positive impact on the future. As a project designer, he is responsible for supporting our internal design teams with the creation of quality project drawings and documents. He is a dedicated designer who elevates Studio W with his creativity and thoughtfulness. He has assisted with projects such as the Natomas Charter School Blackrock Campus Modernization & Expansion, North Tahoe Junior/Senior High School Modernization and the Sharif Family Office Building.

Ramon’s source of inspiration for finding architecture is his father, and he takes pride in “improving learning environments for the generations to come.” He enjoys spending his free time with friends, outdoors with his dog and exploring everything midtown Sacramento has to offer. Learn more about Ramon…


What is your hometown, or where do you live currently and what do you like about it?
I was born and raised in Sacramento, and I currently live in midtown. I love being close to so many food, beverage and entertainment options.

What is your favorite restaurant or food?
One of my new favorite places is Pazza Notte. Super delicious Italian food.

What is your favorite song, movie or book?
One of my favorite movies is Fifth Element.

Who is your hero or a person that inspires you?
My father has been an inspiration to me. His work ethic and drive have always been things I aspire to have.

How did you find architecture?
My dad is an electrician, and I grew up admiring blueprints. I was always a creative kid, and architecture was a great way to apply that creativity.


What is a typical weekend for you?
A typical weekend for me would include hanging out with friends and spending some time outdoors with my dog.

What is your most memorable project and why?
In college, I designed a chair that I ended up never making and I think about it all the time.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Studio W Architects?
I would say the type of work we do. It feels great to design and improve learning environments for the generations to come.

What project have you worked on at Studio W that made you grow the most professionally? Why?
Natomas Charter Blackrock Campus because it was a multi-part endeavor, and I was able to apply some design work.



What is a building and/or destination that inspires you and why?
This may be cheesy, but I’ve always admired the work of Frank Gehry. My favorites are the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA.