These projects consist of the construction of new concession and restroom buildings and a separate ticket booth at six different high schools. Each school recently received a new synthetic track and field, and these new buildings will complete the District’s Outdoor Learning Projects at these six sites. The individual projects include demolition/grading at the new building sites and the connection of infrastructure to the new buildings. The concession/restroom buildings will be durable pre-cast concrete with metal standing seam roofs and low maintenance finishes and fixtures.

The concession and restroom building will be used for track and field team activities and for school physical education purposes. To promote equity among the different high schools in the District, the buildings will be standardized with all the same components. The District may choose to use the design for additional sites as funding becomes available.


San Juan Unified School District


1,000 SF each


$1-2 million each


Completed 2023

Red Hook TEACH Las Vegas Charter School

Round Valley High School Mustang Gymnasium

Victory Park Pool