The Glen Paul School is a facility that caters to disabled students throughout the Humboldt County Office of Education for children and young adults ages 3-22. The focus is on education, medical therapy and life skills. Working from of a “financial hardship” grant with the State of California, Studio W is transforming the campus into a safer, more robust and better utilized facility. Beginning with the medical therapy unit, which is transitioning to a smaller program on-site and serving campuses regionally, Studio W is modernizing this space to accommodate a new multi-purpose facility. In addition, Studio W is relocating the administration to the front of the campus and adding a new preschool, which will complete campus offerings and provide more safety and security with a protected playground area and “eyes on the street.” Additionally, Studio W is developing more parking, upgrading parent drop-off and pick-up and improving bus access campus-wide.


Humboldt County Office of Education


7,800 SF


$4.4 million (estimate)


In Progress (estimated completion Summer 2021)


The January 2021 edition of the 12 Months of Architecture blog series features the use of axonometric diagrams on the Glen Paul School project

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