The Glen Paul School is a facility that caters to disabled students throughout the Humboldt County Office of Education for children and young adults ages 3-22. The focus is on education, medical therapy and life skills. Working from of a “financial hardship” grant with the State of California, Studio W is transforming the campus into a safer, more robust and better utilized facility. Beginning with the medical therapy unit, which is transitioning to a smaller program on-site and serving campuses regionally, Studio W is modernizing this space to accommodate a new multi-purpose facility. In addition, Studio W is relocating the administration to the front of the campus and adding a new preschool, which will complete campus offerings and provide more safety and security with a protected playground area and “eyes on the street.” Additionally, Studio W is developing more parking, upgrading parent drop-off and pick-up and improving bus access campus-wide.


Humboldt County Office of Education


7,800 SF


$4.4 million (estimate)


In Progress


The January 2021 edition of the 12 Months of Architecture blog series features the use of axonometric diagrams on the Glen Paul School project

PROJECT UPDATE: Glen Paul School

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