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Chico, CA—California-based architecture firm Studio W Architects is honored to announce they have acquired the architecture department of NorthStar, creating a strategic partnership to mutually grow market share, diversify geographic reach and enhance service offerings. With a shared passion for architecture that enriches the fabric of communities, both companies have a long history of public works, educational, healthcare and commercial design expertise. The acquisition brings NorthStar’s architectural staff under the Studio W Architects brand and reinforces their commitment to delivering service that goes well beyond design.

Brian Whitmore, AIA, LEED AP, Studio W Architects’ President and Chief Executive Officer, expresses his enthusiasm on the addition of NorthStar’s architecture group, “One of the key elements of a thriving firm is the ability to grow strategically into new markets and geographical regions. By acquiring NorthStar’s talented group of architectural staff, we will continue to thrive in delivering thoughtful design solutions for our clients’ needs.”

Studio W Architects and NorthStar have forged a proven partnership over more than a decade of working collaboratively on projects together. NorthStar recognized the strategic opportunity of Studio W Architects acquiring their architecture department, and the advantages it would bring to current and future clients, as well as allow for greater focus on cultivating their successful civil engineering and land surveying practices. The acquisition secures an additional office location for Studio W Architects in Chico, CA, led by Client Leaders Sean Shearer and Ty Yurkovic. The synergy between NorthStar and Studio W Architects will only be further enriched through this acquisition.

Teresa Enos-Wakefield, MDE, President of NorthStar noted, “Our multi-year collaboration with Studio W Architects has led to an amazing win-win for both companies. At NorthStar, we are very proud of the work we began with our architectural department, and this transition will expand the resources of both companies to be able to further serve clients across the North State.”

Both Studio W Architects and NorthStar are recognized industry leaders in their respective markets and locales, including a unique specialization for serving rural communities. Although the acquisition of NorthStar’s architecture group will allow Studio W Architects to further expand into the Northern California market, Studio W Architects is not a newcomer to the region. The firm has strong ties with several local clients, including Chico Unified School District, Paradise Unified School District and Thermalito Union Elementary School District. Likewise, NorthStar’s architecture team brings expertise in healthcare, essential services, educational, mixed-use and multi-family facilities. A few of their notable clients include Chicken Ranch Rancheria, Greenville Rancheria, Lake County Tribal Health, Butte County Office of Education, Chico Unified School District, Butte-Glenn Community College District, UC Davis Health and Gonzales Development Company.

“We are passionate about serving rural and Tribal communities and feel there are no better anchors to focus on than healthcare and education. This partnership provides a mutual benefit for our clients, enabling us to reach further and deliver enhanced services,” remarked Sean Shearer and Ty Yurkovic, Client Leaders, as they shared their sentiment on the new partnership. “It is exciting to join a firm at the caliber of Studio W Architects; their professionalism, talent and shared passion will empower us to reach for new heights in the markets we serve and care so deeply about.”

For Studio W Architects, the acquisition is representative of the firm’s commitment to growth in the Northern California market and broadening their expertise in Tribal and healthcare facilities. Joining Studio W Architects enables the Chico Studio team to offer expanded in-house design expertise and an enhanced suite of services to their existing clients, as well as the capability to explore future opportunities with new prospects. The new Chico office will be Studio W Architects’ fourth location, with other offices in San Jose (headquarters), Sacramento and Newport Beach.

Studio W Architects’ philosophy is founded in quality, innovation, sustainability and positively impacting communities, which will be emphasized and elevated through the NorthStar architecture department acquisition. NorthStar looks forward to expanding their engineering and surveying opportunities, as well as growing their partnership with Studio W Architects to serve clients with a multi-disciplinary focus.

PRESS RELEASE –  Studio W Architects Acquires NorthStar’s Architecture Department