In a concerted effort to re-think and improve the marketability of the Gateway Oaks Office Building, Studio W proposed a phased approach to target the current issues with creative design solutions that will help attract tenants and leasing of the spaces. The property is tucked away from the public right-of-way, blocked from view by another office building.

Our design solutions improve upon visibility of the property and establish a presence in the area by providing a more visible monument at the public right-of-way, which is also the building’s point-of-entry. Improving the visual presence by creating a hierarchy of architectural elements at the main entrance of the building will help denote a sense of arrival. This will also break up the horizontal linearity of the building and draw visitors further into the facility to appreciate the lobby’s modern improvements.

Phase 1 consisted of interior renovations. Studio W worked with the building owners and property manager to understand day-to-day operations so design solutions could be implemented in a focused way. Our approach was to maximize the volume of the lobby with light wall colors and improved top floor sight lines; utilized light colors throughout the space with a strategic application of color for a modern feel; and selected seating options to create social environments in the shared or common spaces.


Bradley Price Management


7,500 SF




Phase 1 Completed 2022

Sharif Family Office Building

Studio W Architects San Jose Office

Harvard Square Office Complex

New Economics & Advisory Office