The Calistoga Junior/Senior High School STEM Building Project consists of a single-story, permanent built facility that is home to the science, technology, engineering and math curricula in both a modern and purposeful way.

The architecture is reminiscent of the existing campus; in particular, the design complements the more recent multi-purpose building to the southwest of the site, and features the same CMU block, cement plaster in shades of cream and rose, and standing seam metal roofing. In many ways, the architecture is reminiscent of the agriculture roots of Calistoga. In some ways, however, the building is differentiated by using alternating colors and “butterfly” roofs, intentionally complementing the existing architecture but breaking away with just enough uniqueness to make a statement to the community and campus to heighten the STEM nature of the building and its presence on the corner of Grant and Lake Streets.

Each of the four science and engineering labs have access to at least one of two outdoor learning areas, and they all have access to a centrally located workroom that acts like the hub of a wheel. The learning opportunities are further enhanced by the use of glass garage roll-up doors for each space that blur the line between the outdoor and indoor environments. In order to make the building appear more cohesive, a single roof form is draped over the labs and outdoor learning environments, but with a framed opening in the roof above the outdoor environments to offer some shade.

For the purposes of site safety and security, the building is accessed entirely within the campus, with the exception of an “emergency exit only” from the double loaded corridor serving the standard classrooms. This can remain locked during school hours, but can serve as a convenient entrance before and after hours for faculty using street parking provided along Grant Street. Even the outdoor learning environment adjacent to Grant Street has a CMU wall protecting the space from the public.

Other site features include an enhanced outdoor learning area southeast of the building for a garden and expanded engineering opportunities in connection to the existing shop building. The outdoor corridor between the new STEM facility and the existing administration and classroom building is also activated with concrete seat walls and landscape.


Calistoga Joint Unified School District


13,340 SF


$13.9 million


In Progress (estimated completion 2025)

Dwyer Middle School Gymnasium & STEM Academy

Winters High School

Santa Teresa High School Classroom Building