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In an effort to expand their presence in the Northern California region, BCA Architects is opening a full-fledged office in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The new office, slated to open in August, will be on the 20th floor of the skyscraper at 980 9th Street looking out westward, toward the Sacramento River, Tower Bridge, and the site for the new entertainment and sports center.

By extending the firm’s geographical outreach up the coast, BCA Architects is further establishing its commitment to serving Northern and Central California and to bringing its client-focused values to those regions. Perhaps foremost, the firm will be much more accessible to the clientele in the area, making communication and partnership easier and more effective. The new office is also signal of BCA’s depth of leadership and its capacity to work in a diverse sphere of market sectors ranging from educational to assisted living, commercial to civic.

As BCA expands northward so will its contemporary design aesthetics, both in terms of the firm’s distinctive architectural style and its ability to create environmentally sustainable and economically resourceful structures. This approach is aptly mirrored in the design of BCA’s Sacramento office, which is aesthetically very modern and thought-provoking and yet responsive to what people are asking for in terms of the efficiency and practicality of a work environment. The design will combine BCA’s modernist flair, signature materials and color scheme with modular desks, tables and chairs to create a visually appealing yet flexible and pragmatic space. Made up of mostly recyclable materials and utilizing auto-dimming lights, the office will be environmentally friendly and highly sustainable in nature.

As thought leaders in 21st century workplace and educational design, the firm is dedicated to advancing the architectural integrity and efficacy of such environments by emphasizing collaboration, technology, sustainability, and comfort. Indicative of this, BCA’s Sacramento office will reflect those progressive architectural methods and aesthetics by incorporating next generation workplace design into the new space.

“What we’re trying to do is to create a more 21st century office environment that integrates flexibility and openness while also supporting people’s ability to find individual comfort in their workspaces,” says Brian P. Whitmore, AIA, NCARB, LEED®AP, President of BCA. “We want it to have a completely open and collective feel, so we’ve got benching style work stations that are very low and open, maximizing the view in the space and thereby harboring collaboration. At the same time we’ll have private offices which will create some spaces for conversation and smaller meetings, as well as a conference space for even more engaging collaboration. Lastly, we’ve created a comfort zone: soft seating, a bar area, kitchenette, video monitor, and others amenities that make for a more ergonomic work environment. We want the new office to showcase what we’re doing with modern workplace design.”

The team at BCA Architects could not be more excited to be taking root in Sacramento, particularly in a space so representative of its design approach. And as a firm with projects ranging from Orange County to the northernmost edges of California, what could be more appropriate than establishing a legitimate branch in the state’s capital city.