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As part of an organizational restructuring, BCA Architects has announced several leadership changes that will increase the firm’s focus on continuing to provide quality design services to its clients. By revamping its leadership, BCA is enhancing its effectiveness in client relations and business development, maximizing design efficiency and marketing outreach, and expanding the firm’s overall presence in the architectural world.

Paul C. Bunton, AIA, NCARB, founder of BCA Architects, has moved into the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position, acting as the firm’s lead visionary and director. He continues to have oversight of BCA’s operations, business development activity and client relations, however his new role concentrates more on setting the general course of the firm and guiding its big picture prospects rather than running the day-to-day operations. Nonetheless, he will still be heavily involved in building and maintaining client relations.

Assuming the role of President of BCA is Brian P. Whitmore, AIA, NCARB, LEED®AP, former Vice President of Design. Whitmore now oversees all business developments, client interactions, and marketing strategies and is expanding BCA’s presence throughout California in the firm’s three core market sectors: education, commercial, and senior housing. He is also heavily involved in the early design, master planning and programming phases, providing leadership and bringing stakeholders to consensus in the design of comprehensive new construction and modernization projects. Whitmore commented “I am honored to be a part of such a strong leadership team that provides outstanding architectural services to our clients throughout the State of California”.

Finally, James E. Moore IV, LEED®AP is now BCA’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), acting as the firm’s senior manager responsible for supervising internal affairs and day-to-day operations. Moore provides experienced project management and technical direction to the design team and works closely with our Project Managers on contracts (internal and external), staffing, quality control and overall management of the team to ensure a high level of support is provided by BCA to each of their clients.

“As a satisfied client of BCA on multiple projects in different public school districts, I am excited to see the positive changes occurring at the firm,” says Michael E. Crass, Superintendent of Mendota Unified School District and longtime client of BCA. “I have met Brian Whitmore and feel he is exactly the type of person to carry on the exemplary tradition of BCA and look forward to working with him. I’m also glad that Paul is assuming the CEO position and will continue to steer the firm in the direction we have all come to expect. I look forward to our continuing relationship with what I feel is the best architecture firm in California.”

“I believe the recent restructuring of BCA’s leadership will fundamentally strengthen the organization and position it well to efficiently align its professional resources to meet the increasing demands of their dynamic industry in an effective manner,” comments Ron Galatolo, Chancellor of San Mateo County Community College District. “As a market leader, I have complete confidence that this strategic move will ensure that BCA’s clients will continue to receive a first-rate product as well as benefit from its comprehensive architectural services. The San Mateo County Community College District is proud to be affiliated with BCA; having successfully worked with its professional staff on a variety of projects I can confidently say that their quality of work is nothing short of exceptional. Their mission is to always provide their clients with the best value for the services rendered. To this end, I firmly believe the restructuring will serve BCA’s clients well. Our District’s confidence in BCA remains unwavering.”

These leadership adjustments are also a reflection of and reaction to BCA’s growth over the past few months. Recently there have been a number of new hires within the firm to account for the increase in projects and business development pursuits, thus necessitating a more extensive leadership team to properly manage the design team. Additionally, BCA’s new Sacramento office is slated to open this coming June and will accommodate the firm’s growing presence in the central valley.

With BCA’s new governance structure in place, the CEO, President and COO can work together in a more synergistic manner to make key decisions and optimize client satisfaction. They can more adequately manage the design team to attend to client needs and concerns, thus ensuring the highest quality end product. This coordinated leadership creates a unique offering to the marketplace and upholds BCA’s mission to achieve excellence in design.