Asset Management: Studio W Architects leverages more than three decades of experience designing educational, civic and private facilities to provide a decision-making framework for alternative building and site options. When we evaluate sites with program requirements, analyze existing building structures, or suggest alternative uses and programs, we’ve helped to maximize cost effective investment decisions and reduce problems in the long-term.

Financing: Negotiations spearheaded by Studio W Architects have successfully resulted in increased funds for education projects and in energy efficient grants to help buildings exceed Title 24 requirements. We’re able to work our way through complex bureaucratic approval applications and have found unique grant monies and financing sources. Whether looking for start-up financing through tax credits and proformas or starting a school bond campaign, Studio W’s approach is to drive your goals forward.

Public-Private Partnerships: By integrating community and market needs with design strategy, our clients get more of what they need. Studio W Architects facilitates contractual agreements with government agencies, public school districts and/or institutions of higher education to meet facility and infrastructure goals. Whether building, altering or repairing structures, partnerships can increase not only funding but community engagement.


  • Bond Series Sale Assistance
  • Grant Funding Analysis
  • Joint-Use Partnerships
  • Public Utility Funding Assistance
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Site Surplus Sales
  • State Funding/Eligibility Guidance