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Trevor Smith joins BCA Architects as First-Ever Commercial Studio Project Manager

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BCA Architects, a West Coast architectural firm, announced that Trevor Smith will join the firm as its first-ever Commercial Studio Project Manager. Mr. Smith brings with him fourteen years of experience as a commercial design professional and is excited to be leading BCA into the commercial market.  ­This hire, which aligns with BCA Architects’ 25th Anniversary, highlights BCA’s desire to expand its practice in the commercial market in California.

Trevor was particularly drawn to Paul Bunton and the team at BCA architects because of the team building environment and his desire to open the firm up to new projects in commercial design, including retail and corporate spaces, medical offices, restaurants, housing, and other such opportunities. While the firm has always excelled in institutional work—schools, churches, etc.—Trevor affirms that BCA will thrive in the private sector, too.

“There is a strong commercial market in Northern California that BCA has yet to tap into,” says Smith. “As someone who has worked on commercial tenant improvements and designs for almost a decade and a half, I’m confident that BCA will successfully branch out into commercial design.”

“We are very excited that Trevor will be joining our staff,” exclaims BCA Architects President Paul Bunton, AIA. “BCA has already made a deep impact in 21st Century Education and Assisted Living design, and Trevor will stretch our reach even further.

Although Trevor will be involved in a variety of projects, his primary focus at BCA will be expanding the firm’s commercial project portfolio. He will manage BCA’s commercial studio, build and maintain client, broker and developer relationships, and coordinate project designs within the private sector. He will also implement new standards that increase the accuracy, proficiency, and profitability of commercial projects.

Prior to joining BCA, Trevor started his career working for a very small firm called Techspace—just him and the owner—where he garnered a lot of hands on experience in interior and exterior design and construction. While the workload was often hectic, Trevor thrived in this environment and it helped him establish a path for his career. He then moved on to a larger firm, CH&D Architects, as a senior designer, where he worked on commercial tenant improvement. In this role he managed project budgets, designs, programming, planning, and administration. He also worked on the interior remodeling of pre-existing office and retail spaces, upgrading them for the present tenant or changing them to accommodate a new tenant.

Based out of Sacramento County, Trevor graduated from the California College of Technology with an Associate of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture & Design, specializing in commercial, residential, and retail design.