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Newport Beach, CA—We’re pleased to introduce Tony Pacheco-Taylor, Client Leader and Senior Associate in our Newport Beach Studio, as this month’s Studio W Spotlight team member. Tony has 17 years of project management experience for a broad range of projects, from small, deferred maintenance projects and modernizations to building additions and new campuses. Tony is currently leading the charge of both Huntington Beach City School District and Brisbane School District’s Bond Programs, totaling $187 million in capital outlay. A sampling of Tony’s projects include Sowers Middle School Reconstruction for Huntington Beach City School District, Cañada College Building 13 Multiple Program Modernization for San Mateo County Community College District and the Lipman Middle School Modernization for Brisbane School District.

Inspired by his mom’s perseverance in the face of adversity and having moved to be in close proximity to his wife’s loving family (with lots of weekend cook-outs!), Tony is a true family man who is passionate about his growing family. Learn more about Tony…


What is your hometown, or where do you live currently and what do you like about it?
I currently live in West Garden Grove, CA, with my wife, Brittany, and son, Cruz. We moved here a year ago from Irvine because this is where my wife grew up and where her family lives. The neighborhood is perfect for our growing family, we have a park just around the corner and one of my wife’s relatives on just about every corner. Spending time with family is what I enjoy most, so having so much family this close is perfect.

What is your favorite restaurant or food?
I love all kinds of food and I also love trying new restaurants. When my wife and I travel we always plan a food tour the first day we land somewhere new. It’s a great way to get to know people and places. The best meal I have ever had was at a restaurant in Barcelona called Tickets. Best experience and food.

What is your favorite song, movie or book?
My all-time favorite movie is Gladiator with Russel Crowe. I was always interested in the Roman Empire history that the movie is loosely based on. Catching a glimpse, even through the Hollywood lens, of that time period is awesome.

Who is your hero or a person that inspires you?
My mother has inspired me most in my life. She grew up in an orphanage in Mexico and came to the U.S. at 16 years old. Her strength and perseverance in the face of that adversity has allowed me to be where I am today. I take nothing for granted and work as hard as I can to continue to build on the opportunities that her hard work has afforded me.

What is a typical weekend for you?
These days I spend most of my weekends with family. When we are not doing projects on the house, we are usually hanging out with one of our many family members in the neighborhood. My favorite days are when we park our Blackstone griddle on the driveway and cook breakfast, lunch or dinner outside while Cruz and his cousins play.

How did you find architecture?
When I was in elementary school, an architect presented to my class. Ever since then I knew I liked the idea of architecture as a career. I liked it enough to dedicate my college search to schools that had good architecture programs, but I didn’t realize at that point how much I would really end up loving it. Once I went to Cal Poly Pomona and started the program it just solidified my career choice.

What is a building and/or destination that inspires you and why?
Florence, Italy is one of my favorite places in the world. I was lucky enough to live there for a year while studying architecture. The depth of architectural and art history within Florence is incredible. The idea of century after century of art and architecture all housed in one city, a city continuing to function as a modern city, is inspiring.

What is your most memorable project and why?
The most memorable project I have worked on is the South Sutter Charter School Learning Resource Center. It was my first Studio W project and the biggest I had managed in my career at the time. The complexities of developing a building on a rural site, in a flood plain and with little public infrastructure made the project challenging and fun. Since there were so many conditions I hadn’t yet dealt with in my career, it compelled me to tap into knowledgeable team members in each of our offices. Realizing that support was there really showed me I had made the right decision to work for Studio W.


What is your favorite aspect of working at Studio W Architects?
My favorite aspect of working at Studio W is the collaboration with not only those in my office, but staff from our other offices as well. The coordination and support from everyone in the firm all working toward the same goal is what makes this company successful.

What project have you worked on at Studio W that made you grow the most professionally? Why?
See above! I really think that the South Sutter project set me on a different trajectory — it set a base for me to build upon. Every project since then has continued to be a building block, but that one really stands out to me.