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Sacramento, CA—Meet Lisa May, Project Designer in our Sacramento Studio. Lisa is an exceptionally talented interior architecture graduate from California State University, Sacramento and has a background in educational and commercial design. In more than four years with Studio W Architects, Lisa’s notable projects include the City of Sacramento’s North Natomas Community Center & Aquatic Complex, the new Gymnasium & STEM Academy at Dwyer Middle School and the campus modernization, the Westmore Oaks Homecoming project, Winters High School Phase 3 Modernization and the reconstruction of both Paradise High School and Ridgeview High School in Paradise, CA.

What is your hometown, or where do you live currently and what do you like about it?

I live in Sacramento, CA currently and have been enjoying living so close to the city. I love the location because it is a short drive to the mountains or the coast. Living in Sacramento is also fun because there is so much to do. Whether it is going to a farmer’s market on the weekend, going to the river or checking out new restaurants, there is always something going on!

What is your favorite restaurant or food?

I could eat pasta for every meal and have no regrets.

What is your favorite song, movie or book?

“No Scrubs” by TLC. I am not sure why or how this came about but it has stuck around for years!

Who is your hero or a person that inspires you?

My parents are truly an inspiration to me. They are two of the most selfless, supportive people I have ever met. They have given me a solid foundation of how I want to parent one day. If I can be half the parents they are, I will be doing alright!

What is a typical weekend for you (i.e. what are your hobbies, interests, etc.)?

My weekends usually involve taking my dog to the lake or on a hike. When the weather is nice, I can be found outside with him! I have also been enjoying making signs and crafts for weddings to help my friends who are getting married.

How did you find architecture?

My grandpa was an architect in the Bay Area for many years. Although he passed away when I was young, I always found his drawings so interesting and beautiful that I was often left in awe by them. Growing up I enjoyed rearranging my bedroom and my mom was the one who often complimented me on how it was configured. This pushed me to get into interior design. California State University, Sacramento had an interior architecture program that combined both these aspects, and that is what lead me to fall in love with all aspects of architecture.

What is a building and/or destination that inspires you and why?

Italy has always inspired me. The history and architecture there is so beautiful to me. I cannot wait to travel there some day and see it in person.

What is your most memorable project and why?

The North Natomas Community Center and Aquatic Complex. This is the first big project with which I was able to help. I learned a lot on this project and am so excited to see it come to life!

What is your favorite aspect of working at Studio W Architects?

I love how close I have become with my coworkers. It feels like I am hanging out with a bunch of my friends all day who teach and push me to better myself professionally.

What project have you worked on at Studio W Architects that made you grow the most professionally? Why?

Ridgeview High School has helped me grow the most professionally. Not only from a drafting standpoint, but also empathetically. I have felt honored to help the Town of Paradise rebuild and give the kids something to look forward to! It is so important to not get stuck behind the computer screen and remember who we are designing for and push the spaces to their fullest extent.