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Sacramento & Newport Beach, CA—Studio W Architects is pleased to welcome both Tanya Burnett, Project Administrator, and Melissa Szpik, Senior Project Architect, to our Sacramento Studio, as well as Allen Tian, Project Designer, in our Newport Beach Studio.

Tanya has worked in the industry for the last 17 years since beginning her career with an architectural firm in San Franciso. Her passion for architecture and design stems from her family who have all been involved in the industry or art creation. She thrives on helping others achieve their goals and developing business plans. In her role as Project Administrator, she works closely with our design teams to coordinate all communications, assist with construction administration and facilitate project close-out.

Melissa, Senior Project Architect, is responsible for independently planning, coordinating and developing architectural projects across multiple project types and site locations. She approaches each project with efficient organization, intuitive responsiveness, clean lines and a focus on light spaces. Over the years, she has worked on a wide-range of projects, from retail and commercial to residential, but is elated to become an asset to Studio W’s education projects.

Allen graduated with a Master of Architecture from California Baptist University in 2022 and has since worked as a project coordinator at several design firms in the Southwest. He draws inspiration from designing spaces that inspire, promote well-being and are sustainable. As a Project Designer, Allen is responsible for preparing drawings, renderings and specifications, consulting with manufacturers and clarifying information with our sub-consultants.