1) In the two decades you have spent with BCA, what have been some of the most rewarding projects you have worked on?

There are many, but I would say the most rewarding were the large-scale projects and those that allowed for focused teamwork.  Some examples of these projects include: Valley Christian High School’s new campus, San Mateo High School Reconstruction and Christopher High School’s new campus.  All of these projects had large internal teams that I helped guide through the documents phase. The rewards come in waves.

When the team is working for months on a project and the design is improving from their efforts — and the documents reflect these efforts — it is inspiring to continue and keep that same momentum.   When the project is completed, it is extremely rewarding to see the appreciation from the end users and know they will have many new experiences in the environments we have created for them.

2) You are known as the “go to” guy around the office. That being said, can you elaborate a little more on your role?

I have a lot of experience due to the varied construction projects I have worked on here at BCA. There are nine construction type categories at BCA, all of which I have been a part of at some point. As a result, I’ve studied the building code extensively and met with many planners and code officials.

I started using CAD software in the early days of this software and have promoted it since then.  I am considered to be self-taught since I don’t have a formal degree in Architecture. The truth is, I learn from my peers and that is my secret to improving myself.

3) Does your passion for the outdoors have any impact on your desire to work with sustainable/green technology?

Yes, when developing a building or site design, I am working with a team of professionals and always pushing them to provide more efficient designs.  We are all learning that to be more sustainable also means understanding the life cycle of materials and equipment.

I love that I have had a chance to do this type of work at BCA. I have completed one LEED project in San Diego that obtained a LEED Platinum rating.  Additionally, I have a current project that was awarded a High Performance Incentive grant.

4) We hear you are an expert hiker. Favorite mountain you have hiked? Place you would most like to hike?

One of my favorite mountain hikes was in Peru on the way to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. The hike started in the early morning hours and our group of 16 was very excited as we got to the sun gate. The gate overlooks Machu Picchu, which meant that we were able to see the ruins come to life as the sun rose over the structures. Although my experience is what many consider to be the “classical” Machu Picchu viewing experience, I cannot put into words how memorable it was to actually experience it.

5) What was your favorite subject in middle school?

Music was my favorite subject in middle school, which is also the class where I first learned to play trumpet. I went on to play in high school as well. My high school band, the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle corps, actually traveled across the country playing in different cities, mostly playing classical music. I was both a member and staff instructor during the years I was associated with the group. During my tenure, we became national champions five times: three times as a member and two times as an instructor.  It was in this group that I learned how powerful teamwork can be towards accomplishing a goal.

Music also plays a role in my approach to architecture. While traveling with my youth group’s band, I started noticing different designs and building infrastructures. It was during these trips that I developed a love of architecture. Such experiences have helped me with designing performing arts centers for BCA. I learned a lot about acoustics for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

6) Favorite quote of all time and how do you relate it to your life?

My favorite quote of all time is: “Believe and Achieve.”  I have this on my “Road ID” bracelet that I wear every day.  It reminds me that setting my goals starts with believing I can accomplish what I set out to do.