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Q & A with Brian P. Whitmore, AIA, Leed AP, Associate Principal at BCA Architects

By March 6, 2014 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

1) Can you pinpoint the exact moment you knew you wanted to get into architecture?

I was extremely gifted artistically when I was a child. I had the keen ability of memorizing and developing images with almost photo realistic quality; an ability that won many awards and the interest of many educators when I was in school. While I always knew I wanted to pursue an artistic career, art by itself lacked interest to me. It was the culmination of art and design for people and the community that led me to architecture at a very young age.

2) What makes BCA different from any place you have ever worked?

What makes BCA different is the tremendous appreciation for educational design which aligns with my particular passion in architecture. This is evident in BCA’s 21st Century demonstration classroom, the hiring of educators to help infuse the architectural abilities and the strong resume of educational expertise. Having this wealth of knowledge and strong foundation of support beneath me, allows me to create even better educational environments that will hopefully empower our young minds in the future.

3) What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career thus far?

My greatest challenge is in building confidence and respect with our clientele. As a young architect, it’s difficult to overcome the perception that grey hair is equivalent to expertise. I have worked hard to ensure that my expertise, knowledge and skill are not reflected in my lack of grey hair, and that my youth is an asset to my involvement in the industry.

4) Favorite Architect/Designer?

My favorite designers are not architects at all, but rather a great multitude of cultural influencers in music, film, product design and fashion. I think we often believe that the best examples of architectural design come from past architecture. I believe that design is a continuum that influences all things – that great architectural design can come from fashion, for example, and that great music and film can come from the variety of places that are created by architecture.

5) When you are not working hard in the office, what is your favorite thing to do?

I enjoy spending time with my family. We have two boys and are expecting a little girl in March. I enjoy creating many of the same experiences for them that I cherished when I was growing up, and ensuring that they receive the very best education and skilled parenting that is demanded in today’s fast paced world.

6) Fun fact that no one else knows about you?

Not many people know that I am a huge fan of the 1980s. I love the culture, the music, the movies, the style and the design. It may be that this was the decade of my childhood, or that it was perhaps one of the most successful decades of economic prosperity in our country. Either way, I am particularly sentimental of the era. From Michael Jackson to The Goonies, to Transformers, they have all had a tremendous influence on my life.