The Westmore Oaks School Homecoming Project brings elementary school students back to the original Westmore Oaks campus in West Sacramento, CA. The campus’ 17 existing classrooms were modernized and 16 new classrooms were added to house the 650+ student population that moved from the current school about a block and a half away.

The original buildings were constructed in the early 1950’s and have housed preschool, elementary and high school students throughout their long history. These buildings were modernized with new technology and updated finishes, while two new buildings were added to house the intermediate students. The new buildings contain classrooms and support spaces, with a modern take on the site’s existing architecture of brick and stucco materials.

The school also received much-needed parking and drop-off areas, along with bus pull-throughs and an expanded kitchen to serve the students on-site. As safety and security are a high priority, the campus received new fencing and security measures, including electronic hardware which allow staff to lock doors internally.


Washington Unified School District


62,300 SF


$15.5 million


Completed 2021


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