The design for the District’s third elementary school provides an outstanding 21st Century learning environment for the students of Mendota. The U-shaped campus wraps around an outdoor learning environment while providing security to the students and staff of the school by minimizing intrusions from external influences. The classroom wings are designed to provide a semi-enclosed small group instructional space between classrooms, allowing the teachers to provide breakout spaces for individualized instruction. The drop-off/pick-up zones for the campus meet today’s societal and cultural requirements of parental drop-off and allow extensive and clearly defined circulation routes for buses, cars and kindergarten students. This campus is a hallmark school in Mendota and Fresno County and represents the latest planning in educational design.


Mendota Unified School District


60,000 SF


$23.9 million


Completed 2014

Pine Ridge Elementary School

El Capitan Elementary School Multipurpose Building

Chowchilla Elementary School District Multipurpose Buildings