This project consisted of a complete tear down and replacement of a 1950’s era school. In an effort to resolve many of the challenges with the current site, Studio W designed the school as a two-story campus in order to minimize the building’s footprint on the 5-acre site that houses 1,000 students. Studio W’s design for the reconstructed campus gives it a presence and provides a sense of community that was not found in its previous campus. The design wraps the perimeter of the site to provide a sense of security on the internal side of the campus while freeing up a much needed outdoor play area for the students.

Features of the building include monumental curved entries and modestly placed archways coupled with glass curtain walls and metal sunshades to create a design that blends traditional Spanish-style with modern architecture. Many sustainable design strategies are implemented together to maximize the energy efficiency of the building and to provide healthy classroom environments. The exterior corridors maximize energy efficiency as the building reduces HVAC usage, while roof-top solar panels generate power organically. This mix of conventional and contemporary design subtly reflects the District’s identity and exemplifies their progressive goals towards sustainability and 21st Century learning environments.


Anaheim Elementary School District


101,000 SF


$25.5 million


Completed 2012

Moffett Elementary School

Jefferson School

Marshall Elementary School