After nearly 35 years, the Irvine Civic Center is due for a significant expansion to accommodate the support staff required for the City’s continued growth. Studio W’s design solution weaves a new stand-alone, yet adjoining, building with the fabric and circulation of the established campus. Ease of access between the existing and new facilities will extend the existing functions from their current locations without completely rearranging them.

The adjoining facilities will provide an opportunity for a new building to intentionally activate the plaza with rejuvenated public spaces. The expansion focuses on improving wayfinding and path of travel requirements; activating outdoor areas with direct building connections, outdoor seating and creative landscape; and selection of exterior lighting options, material finishes, furniture, etc.

Increased square footage provides ample office space for City departments currently functioning off-site and potential future City restructuring plans, as well as an opportunity for additional public services and functions to be thoughtfully designed into the fabric of the expansion.


City of Irvine


61,500 SF


$50 million (estimated)


In Progress

St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Parish