Physical Performance Center: Fresno City College’s state-of-the-art Physical Performance Center, adjacent to the existing stadium, is designed to integrate into the existing campus. The combination of brick veneer and stucco echo the character of the existing buildings while bringing a modern look to the facility. High ceilings, high windows, exposed steel structure and ducts give the inside spaces a strong and energetic appeal. The fitness center features a workout area and a meeting room for the campus’ football team.

Practice Gymnasium: The Fresno City College’s 11,000 square foot practice gym is designed to provide an annex training space to the existing gymnasium facility. The facility is located next to the existing gym and includes a regulation size college basketball court, two cross-courts and restrooms. The practice gym enables the Physical Education Department to offer more classes to students. In addition, the second gym allows for more varied skill-level courts, along with intramural availability. The design draws heavily from the architecture of the existing campus buildings, while bringing a modern look through the use of materials such as brick and stucco.

These facilities were designed to LEED® Gold equivalency.


State Center Community College District


Performance Center 3,600 SF

Gymnasium 11,200 SF


$7.5 million


Completed 2007

Red Hook TEACH Las Vegas Charter School

Round Valley High School Mustang Gymnasium

Victory Park Pool