The voters of Gilroy showed their support for this new 1,800-student campus by passing two bonds to complete the award-winning school. The campus design and layout grew out of user group and steering committee meetings with high school staff and community members.

Promoting collaboration with major disciplines, the arts, sciences and humanities are located in their own wings. The Aquatics Center and Practice Gymnasium are shared with the City of Gilroy through a joint-use agreement, providing an additional $9.6 million to the project budget.

Sweeping natural view corridors of the countryside and foothills were protected by creating a two-story campus that occupies a compact area on the 40-acre site, allowing the inclusion of a large greenbelt. The resulting higher density of built space creates a more urban and intimate setting around a central quadrangle—the social hub of the campus. High quality materials, chosen for durability, longevity and low maintenance, as well as classical design elements, such as natural stone and ornate entry facades, are used to reflect a collegiate and timeless architecture reminiscent of the original Gilroy High School, built in 1912 in the Classic Revival style, whose beloved iconic memory remains strong in the community.


Gilroy Unified School District


235,600 SF


$114 million


Completed 2011

Winters High School

Santa Teresa High School Classroom Building

San Mateo High School

El Capitan High School