On October 21, 2016, BCA’s client – Pam Gildersleeve Hernandez, Superintendent of San Antonio Union School District, participated in a briefing in Washington DC with the US Secretary of Education John King as part of the Future Ready team for schools.

The briefing was designed to be an intimate gathering of experienced and new Future Ready superintendents to discuss their vision and journey, as well as Future Ready’s impact to date. The Office of Educational Technology and the Future Ready team will also share resources and gather ideas for the development of additional tools to support districts and district stakeholders, such as school boards, principals, parents and teachers.

In preparation for the day, the Superintendent was asked to review the Future Ready resources currently available to district leaders, such as the one-stop Hub for district leaders’ ongoing professional learning, the comprehensive interactive Planning Dashboard and the Future Ready Leaders project.

Questions for the discussion with the US Secretary included:

  • How has or how do you foresee Future Ready supporting your district’s transformation to digital and personalized learning?
  • How is your district supporting teachers and the shift in pedagogy related to digital and personalized learning?
  • How has or do you foresee Future Ready supporting rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for all students?
  • What are the challenges districts and schools face in a successful digital learning implementation?

San Antonio Union School District participated in the Future Ready Summit in Southern California in July of 2015 as well as a follow up workshop in Redondo Beach in April of last year. The Superintendent presented on the Personalized Professional Learning Gear at National CUE last March as well as the CUE SuperSymposium in July of 2015. She also served on the SuperSymposium faculty this past July and on the TICAL Cadre, bringing the voice of the small school district to the Future Ready conversation.

BCA is proud to be working with Pam and her team in the master planning and implementation of their Measure A Bond (approved in June of 2016) and the effort to make her school a shining example of Future Readiness.