Before a group of educators, construction specialists, architects, and other attendees at the Sacramento Convention Center, Brian Whitmore, AIA, LEED AP, led a panel of experts in a discussion about the impact many private factors have on the shaping of the future educational environment. Our economy and the demands and dynamics of industries such as the clean energy and health services will have a profound effect on the design of schools and the activities that will take place in and around them.

“The participation was more than what I expected,” said Brian. “I believe it is a testament to the importance of community partnership amongst our public schools and the presence of our panelists at the workshop.”

“Brian did an outstanding job as a facilitator,” said Roger Stock, a panelist and Superintendent at Rocklin Unified School District. “His leadership took a complex topic and made it relevant and actionable to our audience. It was easy for me as a panelist to follow his lead.”

“The presentation of the critical information framed our input effectively and efficiently,” said Linda Rooney, panelist and Superintendent at Eureka Union School District. “Brian’s outstanding moderation kept us exactly on time which is not an easy task for those of us who just love to share our passion for our students.”

Brian’s discussion suggested that the future of the physical environment in schools will largely be dictated by the economic needs of a particular region in the future – developing classrooms that closely resemble the workplace.

Information shared during the panel discussion is available in the PPT here.