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San Jose, Sacramento & Irvine, CA—Building upon the firm’s many decades of success and strong leadership in the architectural industry, BCA Architects is excited to announce that we are rebranding to Studio W Architects. The new brand includes adoption of a new name, a visual identity refresh and a modern website, all of which aligns with the firm’s evolving goals.

The brand evolution represents the company’s new leadership and group of talented professionals who compose the Studio W Architects team. The new brand provides a platform to continue delivering value-added service that goes well beyond design—the firm’s branded tagline—as well as maintain meaningful relationships with their clients, consulting partners and industry associates.

Studio W Architects’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Whitmore, AIA, LEED® AP, shares his outlook on the new direction, “We thought very carefully about the process and timing of the rebrand of BCA Architects. After a successful 30 years in practice and a time of unprecedented growth, we believed it made sense to create a more modern impression and impactful brand with Studio W Architects. We wanted to demonstrate that we are a thriving firm, and we look forward to the next 30 years of serving our clients with vision and creativity that go well beyond design and frankly, well beyond the expectations of a contemporary architecture firm.”

Whitmore assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and sole owner of the company in 2019. Under his leadership, BCA Architects achieved market growth, diversity and unprecedented financial success, giving Studio W Architects great momentum to build upon for the next generation of the firm.

“The creation of Studio W Architects is an opportunity to reinforce our strength in the AEC industry and set a path for continued growth in the future. We’re excited about the new look and it’s connection to the legacy and relationships that characterize the firm and our people,” remarked Chelsea Pozar, CPSM, Marketing & Business Development Manager and Associate, on the company’s transition. “Our educational, civic and commercial projects significantly impact the communities in which we serve. The ability to define and reinvent environments through thoughtful design and creative problem solving is what drives our passion.”

The Studio W Architects brand promise is founded in quality, innovation, sustainability and service, which will be emphasized and delivered through the rebrand process.

Press Release – Studio W Architects Rebrand