Last month,  Paul Bunton, AIA, president of BCA Architects, participated in a panel for The Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) on successfully using the lease-leaseback delivery model at the community college level. CCFC, an organization whose purpose is to fund facility construction and advocate for adequate state and local revenues, requested Mr. Bunton to participate in this panel because of his vast experience of the lease-leaseback delivery model.

The lease-leaseback model is a construction project delivery method that allows a Public School District to select a contractor based on their cost, qualifications, and team members thereby getting the best of a private sector model while meeting the public sector requirements for procurement of a contract. Simply put, Bunton stated that “Lease-leaseback delivery method is the most flexible delivery method that BCA Architects has worked with. It allows us to build a team with our clients and contractor partners thereby delivering a higher quality product at a competitive cost within the specified timeline.”

Generally speaking, this Delivery method allows Districts to solicit proposals from contractors with criteria that they personally define (i.e. price, staffing, preconstruction services, local business enterprise, etc.) and then negotiate with the selected contractor to reach a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the District. By bringing the contractor on board early, the design team is able to work with the contractor to provide estimating services (often soft bids from the subcontractor market), constructability reviews (to ensure a tight set of construction documents), sequencing of construction activities (to ensure continued operations of the campus during construction) all under a team atmosphere thereby significantly reducing the “conflict” that is in inherent with traditional design-bid-build delivery method.

Jose D. Nuñez, Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning for Maintenance & Operations in the San Mateo County Community College District, comments, “Paul Bunton and the team at BCA Architects are the most knowledgeable architects I know that are successfully utilizing the lease-leaseback delivery method at the Community College level.”

To read more about the benefits of the lease-leaseback method, BCA has created an instructional document which can be accessed HERE.