Avalon, CA—LA Haunt Couture is an annual event hosted by IIDA (International Interior Design Association) that brings together architecture firms and college students for a spectacular runway show competition at the Avalon Theater. This year, the theme was “Artist Influencers: Past through Present,” and the teams only had six hours to complete a garment composed of sponsored fabrics. One by one, each team sent their models down the runway with their artist-inspired garments.

Despite this being our team’s first time competing, they took first place with their contemporary take on Picasso! The team was comprised of Klaude Matias, Mario Hernandez, Gillian Crane, Alyssa Martinez (Fullerton College student) and Sheila Shenasi (sponsor from Infinity Contract).

The garment took inspiration from Picasso’s use of patterns and fragmentation to create a toy-like jester. Like many Cubist paintings, the garment challenges traditional perspective by making the “front” ambiguous. The silhouette is androgynous as a nod to many of Picasso’s subjects.

Video Reel